The History of Soccer in Mexico

The history of soccer in Mexico is not one of huge success internationally. However, the Mexican people love soccer, and their passion for the game makes them worth remembering.

History of Soccer in Mexico - A Rough Beginning

The history of soccer in Mexico really began in 1927 with Mexico's first international match. The game was played on home soil against Guatemala. Mexico came out of that game with a 3-2 victory, winning their very first match!

Despite this promising start, Mexico was put to the test in 1930 in the first World Cup. They came out at the bottom in the group stage with nothing but defeats.

This was the beginning of the "dark ages" for Mexican soccer. Their game struggled due to corruption in the system and poor training conditions.

Up until 1970, Mexico won only one World Cup match: a 3-1 victory against Czechoslovakia in 1962.

History of Soccer in Mexico - Growth of the Game

Finally, soccer began to pick up in Mexico due to more investments (which also helped to cut back on corruption in the system), and Mexico gained the honor of hosting the 1970 World Cup.

This was probably the biggest marker in Mexican soccer history. Not only did this World Cup bring the game home for the Mexican people, but the national team made it to the quarter finals!

Though this would not be regarded as a huge success in the eyes of most soccer fans, it was huge for this country after their terrible performances in previous World Cups.

Mexico was again allowed to host the World Cup in 1986. This time they came out at the top of the group stages for the first time ever! Things were looking good for Mexico and many thought they could win the trophy.

However, they were once again defeated in the quarter finals in a game against West Germany.

History of Soccer in Mexico - Closing

Though Mexico has produced many good teams and players, they have yet to make it past the quarter finals in a World Cup.

However, many believe that it is just a matter of time before this country of soccer lovers pulls together and wins their first World Cup.



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